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AJ Dudley and Horse

A.J. Dudley was born in Monongahela, Pennsylvania in 1977, and is the seventh of eight children of Antonio and Joan Cannizzaro. Raised on a farm, with collie and horse at her heel, A.J. enjoyed all the adventures that the outdoors offered. After high school, she moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to pursue an education in Equestrian Science. However, with the death of her father years earlier, finances were limited and the investment seemed unworthy of the reward offered. 

  After remaining there for two years managing a restaurant, she returned to Pennsylvania and opened a paralegal business in Harrisburg with her sister. A few years later, AJ found herself living in the Outer Banks of North Carolina working for a law firm and radio station. There she met her husband, the world-famous Bass Angler, David Dudley. They married and soon after relocated to his hometown, Lynchburg, VA. Here, they now raise their five children and operate a thriving ministry on their horse farm. 

   OBIC, One Body in Christ Ministries, has the heart to bring all people from all churches together, under one mission, for Jesus Christ. This purpose mimics the true heart of AJ. Her zeal and love for people bring life, with an invitation for others to rise up to their positions as sons and daughters of God. She leads with honor, integrity, and grace; changing the hearts of those around her. Her efforts and pursuit, to see those around her overcome adversity and come to know the truth of who they are, are tireless and noteworthy. Until her last breath, with great joy and gladness, she will live to unveil the heart of God with each individual she has the honor of knowing.

Her passion for horses never left her and is now intermingled with her greater passion for Jesus. So, in addition to the “Raven Crest” series, she has also written an Equine-Assisted Discipleship program. “A Thousand Names” is set to launch their first two-week certified training course in the fall of 2018. 

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