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The writing of "The Feather" paints word pictures that draw the reader deeply into the everyday life of the 14th century. As the observer, the reader is there in the midst of all the struggles, challenges, and triumphs, all the while seeing how God is at work with each one of the characters. Looking forward to the next volume. It is an exciting read, and A.J. Dudley does it all admirably-highly recommended! 

–Garry Habermas

The Feather by A. J. Dudley is an awe-inspiring journey of life, rooted in the struggles that people encounter with evil along the path of faith, as believers and true followers of Jesus Christ. The book is intriguing – the story draws you in, and the journey becomes your own. The book is enlightening – you engage in a different way as you process through the evils in the world by understanding their deception and power over lives. We must stay awake and fight the good fight. The book is encouraging – you connect with the characters in such a personal way that you, too, gain strength and wisdom from the journey. I love the way Scripture is woven into the plot, thus helping others to find their own significance in Christ and learn to have a deeper understanding of how Scripture can be a guiding Light for them. May you grow closer to God and learn deeper truth as you engage in the journey with these characters. To God be the glory.

–Jackie Towns

"I got hooked on The Feather-I have stayed up to all hours of the night reading this wonderful book. The house has been neglected, laundry and dishes have piled up. Lots of tears as well as smiles while reading it. Gods LOVE is overwhelming! I cannot wait for Raven Crest Book 2."

–Maria Brown

"I started reading and had a hard time putting it down to get any work done. I read it in about 2.5 days. It left me hanging! I loved it!!"

–Vickie Weisiuburger

"I absolutely love reading about this period of time!  This first book of the trilogy helped shape my understanding of how the brave men and women of that time literally braved the entire world of corrupt religious thought to rescue the true message of the gospel of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the descriptive explanations of the time period. As one of predominately Scotch-Irish descent, my heart was deeply moved by the determination of the characters in the book to honor Christ and His Word.  We have our current Christian faith because of the strong believers of that time!  I LOVED THIS BOOK AND CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE!" 

–Barbara Sherman

"I very much enjoyed reading The Feather.  It held my interest  throughout the book and I enjoyed reading about the time period of the men like Martin Luther and Thomas More who suffered because of their faith."

–Sandra Locy

"I am currently reading it and I absolutely love it. It is insightful and flows and definitely attaches you to the characters. I can't wait to finish it and look forward to the rest of the series!"

–Joanne Valerio

"The Feather is an engaging story, one that draws you into the life-struggles of its many diverse characters. The story line has within it a Love Story and a Tale of Adventure, either of which alone would make it worth the read. But something more: and this most singularly: a Peek into the Interior Life of some remarkable individuals. It goes deep, very deep in exploring human depravity, psychological weakness, and spiritual life that lifts one beyond our human appetites. There are good people here, with difficult choices to make. Their interior struggles offer a lesson for all of us, food for reflection, and where the choices were made well, a cause for hope and joy. And, this is the first book of a Trilogy, no less. We fans are in for some good reading yet to come!"

–Andrew Cannizzaro

"4 1/2 stars! I enjoyed this book so much! I liked the development of characters, Jamin and Arabella’s interaction was my favorite. I enjoyed the comradeship among the boys Luke, Garrett and Nicholas. I can’t wait for the next book!"

–Rosellyn Kidd

"I was sad when I finished 'The Feather' book one of the "Raven Crest" series, because I didn't want the story to end!! I am excited about the next books and am dancing in place waiting patiently (impatiently) to discover what God has in store for these intriguing characters! :) ;) It is going to be a treat to share this deep thought provoking love story with my family and friends!"

–Lori Gallatin

I was hesitant, as I so often find it hard to select books that I really love. Let me just say, I LOVE your book! I finished it yesterday, a week after I started it. As a first release, I found almost no errors, and I never came to a place that I thought I wanted to give up on it. I appreciated the realness of it, without being negatively graphic. I love all the details you have put in place in your display at your signings and in this website and your brochures. You are quite the artist in so many ways! I was so thankful to find christian fiction that wasn't fluffy, and I also love the historical piece as well. Thank you for all your effort in creating such a special work! I would love to visit you in Lynchburg some day and see your other ministries! The only bad thing is - I can't wait for you to write the next book!!! Such a long time away from my friends in the book and to be in suspense! 

–Rexanne A Harrison

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