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You may be asking yourself, "What is Raven Crest?"

       I will do my best to explain, however, I must warn you that the answer is not simple.

       Raven Crest as a story was born from a vision - not a daydream that fills one's mind when the life which we commonly refer to as reality becomes boring or difficult, nor a dream that comes at night when sleep has taken us over and things that we have seen, heard, read, imagined, or maybe even ate come back out us in strange procession, but a vision as you may have read about in the Holy Scriptures. 

      The details that followed this vision will be reserved for private conversations and perhaps a future publication of its own. It shall suffice it to say that the years that have unfolded since this incredible experience have unraveled more impossibilities than coincidence could reasonably presume credit. A fantastic nonfiction that awaits it's telling is perhaps well credited to the multifaceted meaning of Raven Crest.  

     The story, though now begun as a book series, is on its way to becoming an audiobook. This shall be followed closely with a screenplay, that is destined to make the original vision a reality for all. 

     Along the way, Raven Crest has also become a publishing and production company that focuses on powerful, redemptive, life-changing works of literary, visual, and musical art. The works in themselves are believed, not merely to tell of power and redemption, but to be so inclined to embody such deep beauty and power so as to make them capable of transforming the lives of those who encounter them. 

     Most accurately of all is the meaning of Raven Crest that lies within the context of the story itself. Raven Crest is a fellowship. It is a brotherhood, a rich communion of men and women who have consecrated themselves to the service of God, whatever it may cost them. A fellowship that lives on to this day. Across the furthers reaches of the earth an invisible bond ties together the lives of those who are so genuinely sincere in this matter that they have become one though many. 

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